Your New Companion

At Belmont Vets we are looking forward to providing you and your new friend with plenty of support and advice as you experience  puppy and kitten ownership over the next 12 months.

With so much to remember from their next vaccination, worming tablets, desexing and changing diets—the list of questions becomes endless!

This year at BVH we have decided to try a system to take the worry out of what comes next.

As well as veterinary needs, we also thought of a way to help the budget with 12 monthly payments.


How can we help

· Vaccinations

· Heartworm ( for dogs)

· Intestinal Wormers

· Flea & Tick control (for dogs) Flea only( for        cats)

· Health and dental checks

· Unlimited Primary Consultations

· 10% discount on all food purchases

· 10% discount on all shop purchases

· 50% Discount on Puppy Preschool or FIV/Felv     testing

· $100 voucher towards desexing


Wellness plans costs












Yearly $498 $593 $689 $815
Monthly $42 $49 $57 $68

Wellness plans are calculated on the estimated size of your pup or kitten as an adult

Available only to puppies and kittens under 20 weeks

Payments will be deducted from your account by direct debit monthly or pay a one off fee for the year.

Communication  - reminders will be text or emailed 7 days before their next treatment is due.

Wellness plans are not to be run in conjuntion with other offers at BVH

Charges will be applied to your account if funds are not available

Cancellation of payment plan requires 7 days in writing, discounts are non refundable and full fees will be applied.

Primary Consultations is the first presentation of a new problem

We will contact you 1 month before you final payment, to discuss further options.